Fairy Thorntales - Rose And The Friendship Wish
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Fairy Thorntales - Rose And The Friendship Wish

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The wonderful world of Fairythorn Tales by Lara Faraway. These books are truly magical! Not only are they beautiful stories they smell fantastic too! They use the latest Smellessence technology which lets readers smell flower panels. The Fairythorn series is perfect for children who are starting to read independently

Beneath the surface of our world is another, more magical realm and at its centre is the Fairythorn Tree ­- the oldest tree in any garden, wood or park. The tree is home to the tiny fairies who live in its branches.

It's May Day and fthe fairies and their pet draglings are in high spirits. When Rose a 'Big' making a wish at the Fairythorn Tree, she decides to make her wish come true.

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